Here at Beenanas we have some amazing gifts for Dads but we understand that sometimes money can be a bit tight so here are some ideas for free or very low cost gifts.
We have to start with a plug for our very own keepsake cards. These cards are really cute little wallet sized keepsakes. They are the exact size and thickness of a credit card and we sell them for under £1! This could be the ideal little gift to pair with one of our other gift ideas! 

Here is a free gift idea for anyone who has some spare Lego (and let's face it most kids have rather a lot ). Why not create an original and fun Lego photo frame. You can make something very simple or really let your imagination run riot. This frame is sure to make your child's artwork or a family photos will look amazing.

Here's a low cost way to create a really heartfelt gift for Dad. Buy a blank canvas from your local art supplies store or ebay for under £5 and some washable paints and add a couple of little feet and hands and you have all the elements needed to create a stunning and unique work of art. Home made canvas art such as footprint butterflies and words using hand and foot prints as letters really do make fantastic gifts for parents and they are pretty easy to crate with a little patience.

Think of all those thankless tasks fathers have to endure every day. From mowing the lawn and gardening to feeding the dog or tidying up around the home. Imagine how happy Dad would be if you offered to do some of these mundane tasks for at least a day. Chore Vouchers are a gift that you can create for free and Dad will really appreciate!

We always have a wide range of metal signs in stock that make amazing gifts. Look out for our special offers and promotions that we run around fathers day and Christmas for even more savings.

With metal plaque prices starting at only £7.99 with free delivery you would be hard pushed to find a better gift for the money.

Please leave a comment below or add your own ideas!

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